All Different Types of Skirts You Need to Know for Your Fit

Does the world of skirts excite you? If yes, then this is red light you don’t wanna cross. Do you know how many different types of skirts are there? Broadly speaking, skirts are categorized into two different types namely basic type skirts and fad/fashion skirts that are worn during high-level fashion events. Here we will mainly focus on the different kinds of basic skirts.

Before we take a look at the different types of designs skirts. Let’s take a look at the different lengths of the skirts. When it comes to length, skirts are fundamentally divided into eight types. Let’s have a look at them.

8 Different Lengths of Skirts

According to the length of skirts. The skirts are categorized into eight different types. Let’s see what are they.

1.   Micro Skirts

These are super short, as the name suggests. Wearing micro skirts will expose full legs. They are preferred when you are enjoying the cool breeze of the sea on a relaxing beach trip. These will also work at a wild music or boho fest.

2.   Mini Skirts

Mini skirts cover slightly more than micro skirts. These can be worn on casual hangouts, morning, or garden walks, or some random party. Put them on to flaunt your fearless and bold side.

3.   Short Skirts

The shorts are also common at parties, casual events, or on outings with friends. It covers more area than prior ones. Shorts and skirt is a good option for casual wear at home during warm summer.

4.   Knee length Skirts

Now we are entering into more decent and formal lengths of skirts. Knee length stays into the middle of casual and formal lengths of skirts. That makes it appropriate for almost all occasions. Whether you are going to church or thinking to attend a wild music fest. knee length skirts are a no-brainer.

5.   Midi Skirts

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The midi dress skirt types lengths between the knee and ankle. Further, there are many variations of midi dresses. Based on whether the skirt will tightly warp around you or will be loose and breezy. A Flowy midi skirt is an excellent choice for summer.

6.   Maxi Skirt

The maxi length is slightly longer than the midi dress. There are various types of maxi dresses, the ones you can wear at the wedding and even the ones that can be worn as nightdress. The maxi dresses have a reputation of being the most comfortable night dresses.

7.   Ankle Length Skirts

Ankle-length skirts hang just above your ankles. The ankle skirts are best for formal occasions. Though there are numerous variations in terms of the number of darts. These are the most appropriate in formal events like business meetings, or wedding nights.

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8.   Full-Length Skirts

The full-length skirts will cover the full hemline. Full-length skirts are mostly worn for formal occasions. But this is not followed and hard and fast rule. You would have noticed the full-length skirts in the met gala, red carpet, and other Hollywood and fashion events. Full-length dresses can also be go-to fashion dresses.

Different Types of Skirts

Now we are at the moment we all were waiting for! Without beating around the bushed let’s have a look at different types of skirts with names. We will move from the simplest to more complex designs of skirts.

1. Straight Skirts

These are simple straight skirts without any folds or layers. Straight skirts can have designs or patterns on them, but they lack the intricate layers or folds that are usually found on skirts. Straight skirts are usually worn during formal events like weddings or corporate events.

2. Pegged Skirts

These skirts contain a peg just below the tightened hip strap giving them a flounce look. Pegged skirts are kind of flowy and easy to breathe making them one of the summer options. They mostly come in the ankle and full length and are one of the best options for formal birthday parties and anniversaries.

3. Pencil Skirts

The pencil skirts are narrowed at the bottom giving them a pencil-like silhouette. This skirt is known for tightly holding the legs together which may cause discomfort in walking. For this reason, these are preferred for highly formal events like corporate meetings.

4. Bell Skirts

They form the shape of the bell and are also called quarter circular skirts because it forms a quarter circular shape when viewed from the top. The bell skirts are versatile skirts that can be worn at several casual and formal events. Bell skirts are flowy and fashionable at the same time. They are recommended for fashion events and dance parties.

5. A-line Skirts

A line skirt forms a silhouette like the letter ‘A’. They come in various lengths mini, short, knee, midi, maxi, and full.  Whether you want something for vacation or something casual. You can always trust A-line skirts without giving it a second thought.

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6. Half Circular Skirts

The half-circular skirts are made using semi-circular skirts and are known to be asymmetrical skirts. Though they come in varied lengths, our cobalt blue midi-length skirt is the most popular and widely preferred. This type of skirt may have multiple folds and darts making them an excellent choice for casual streetwear.

7. Circle Skirts

These are sewed with full circular drapes with large amounts of fabric at the bottom. This often causes discomfort while walking and one may have to support flowy bottom while walking. Twirly circular skirts are not at all casual wear. Only recommended for stupendous fashion events. 

8. Gathered Skirts

The gathered skirts contain pleasing folds, these folds are not made out of darts or any other holding material. The folds are created by pulling the tread present at the top (waistline). They come at lower than knee length lower knee, midi, maxi, etc. The gathered skirts can be your go-to style of skirt when you are planning to hang out with friends.

9. Pleated Skirts

These skirts are made using pleats. The pleats are permanent folds on the skirts made using a doubling of material and sewing the pleats in place, the pleated skirts come in a variety of variations. You can find pleated skirts in almost all lengths. But it is recommended to keep the length between short and maxi. The skirts with pleats are more of a casual summer wear. It is a splendid choice while you are going shopping or on a small relaxing trip.

10. Panel Skirts

They are also known as gored skirts. These are known to be versatile skirts pattern that contains appealing panels at the bottom. The length is these skirts are always below the ankles to support the clean and apparent view of the panel. These can be worn for family parties, friends get together, or casual boho festivals.

11. Goted Skirts

Here triangular material is sewn together, which makes it appear tight at the top and flared at the bottom. They come in varied lengths but harmonize well with fuller lengths. Because of their unique look, they are preferred for special occasions and standard fashion ceremonies.

12. Layered Skirts

Layering is probably one of the most impressive innovations in skirts. Layered skirts are made with the sewing of varied lengths of drapes onto each other. The adjacent layers can be both smaller or larger. Due to their magnificent layered design, they are preferred at special events. Put on these swen layers to exhibit your unique style.

13. Yoked Skirts

These skirts contain a yoke right below the hip. The yoke is a thick and soft cloth that is warped around skirts to give them a unique contrasting appeal. There are numerous variations of yoked skirts. The yoked skirts can be flared, narrowed, or straight. The yoked skirt is the perfect choice for birthday parties, wedding receptions, or family dinner nights.

14. Wrap Skirts

The wrap skirts are great chic and the adjustable design offers a flattering silhouette. Versatile and elegant, it effortlessly complements any style, making it a fashion staple for all occasions.

15. Tulip Skirts

The Tulip skirt blossoms with feminine grace, flaunting a unique overlapping design akin to its floral namesake. Versatile and elegant, it adds sophistication to any outfit, accentuating the waist and hips with timeless charm. A must-have choice for modern women seeking effortless style and allure on any occasion.

16. Flared Skirts

The Flared skirt design dances with playful charm, boasting a flattering A-line silhouette that flares out from the waist. Its versatile design complements various styles, from casual to formal, adding a touch of timeless elegance to every look. Embrace this twirl-worthy trend and exude effortless sophistication wherever you go.

17. Tiered Skirt

The tiered skirt is a variation of a layered skirt. Here each layer is folded using darts. It adds extra character or detail to layered skirts. Tiered skirts are known for their versatility. Whether you are attending a high-end business meeting or a casual friend meet-up. Tiered skirts will never fail to disappoint you.

Flourish Your Fashion Sense with the Perfect Pick!

You are now well-versed in different types of skirts, different skirt styles, and respective skirt lengths. Now it is time to choose the skirt that will drive your heart to awe! But before you make a move, have a look at the mirror that will show you the precious human in your world. And analyze your body type and body shape and make an accord decision. 

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